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miss_sabelstarr's Journal

american rock'n'roll groupie.
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Sabel Starr community for fans of Sabel and the early 1970s L.A. groupie scene.
She was wild, she had style and was a real one-off. She had a fantastically fun life and she was a fucking sexy looking chick.

This is a community for all Sabel fans out there. You can post what you like. Talk about her life, other groupies, musicians she was involved with, boyfriends, the scene, etc.

When you join, intoduce yourself and fill out these questions. Its optional, but it will help everyone to get to know you better.

Sabel was born Sabel Hay Shields on the 15th of August, 1957. She was one of the big groupies in LA during the early to mid seventies, and one of the underage kids who frequented Rodney Bingenheimer's English Disco and the Whiskey a Go Go. By her young teens she had become the uncrowned queen of the scene, pushing previous sixties starlet and G.T.O. Pamela Des Barres way off the hip scenester scale and into the past.

Led Zeppelin, Mott The Hoople, David Bowie and T-Rex were but some of her many conquests as a groupie, and she was a regular feature in the notorious "Star" Magazine (she and girlfriend Queenie once gave a raunchy 4-page interview on how to pick up rockstars, all while under 15).

While she was in a serious relationship with Johnny Thunders when she was fifteen, she also casually dated Iggy Pop when she was only thirteen.
Iggy ended up predominantly with Sabel's elder sister, Corel, who also head-lined the big acts that came to town.
Sabel also dated Richard Hell for a short time.

Nancy Spungen when she came in from Philadelphia wanted to be like Miss Starr, (notice the bleached hair), and Sabel stayed with her while in New York, and admitted to "even sort of liking her".

Sabel left New York City for good in the late 70s, but she sure wasn't forgotten. Eventually she moved to Nevada with her two children, and worked as a 21 dealer at Herrod's casino.

Tragically, beautiful Sabel passed away on the 17th of April 2009, at age 51, from cancer. This community serves a tribute to her memory.

She will always be remembered as a spirited, adventurous girl who dared to be herself and always lived her life to its fullest.
Rest In Peace, Sabel.

Look Away

I slept wlth Sable when she was 13
Her parents were too rich to do anything
She rocked her way around L.A.
Til a New York doll carried her away

Now he was blond and she was dark
They called him Thunder 'cause he had the spark
The dream he dreamed was straight and pure
But the confusion of life was gonna get him for sure

They shared their clothes and their cowboy boots
Left them all over the floor while they dyed their roots
They lived the dream and they went non-stop
They did o.k. til the band broke up

Unfortunately the needle broke
Their rock and roll love like a bicycle spoke
I found her in a back street with her looks half gone
She was selling something that I was on

Now Thunder and me did not part friends
What we did once I wouldn't do again
So he stayed with the pure dream and followed the moon
Til the drugs in his body made his mind a cartoon

So a few years later Thunder died broke
Sable had a baby back at her folks
Me, I went straight and serious too
There wasn't much else that I could do

So now that I'm straight I'm settled too
I eat and I sleep and I work like you
I got lots of feelings but I hold them down
That's a way I cope with this shitty town

Look away Look away
Look away Look away

by Iggy Pop.